Nifty Futures analysis for 20-06-2018

The Nifty Future has an unfilled opening gap and has reached the lower boundary of Wave-B channel where it found some support. The break of the lower boundary will accelerate the decline further with the next support near 10552. The Day traders can sell it below 10704 with a stop loss of 10736 for theContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 20-06-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 12-06-2018

The Nifty Future opened with a gap up and reached a high of 10835 before shredding some gains, to close at 10785.8. It has a crucial resistance at 10803 and once crossed can take it up to 10840 and 10860 levels. It has the supports at 10760,10740 and 10725. The Put Call ratio of 1.24Continue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 12-06-2018”

Contact Nifty Futures analysis for 07-05-2018

Nifty Future declined and took support at 10640 on Friday. It retraced just above 61.8%  of its decline from 11185.6 to 9960 and reversed to close at 10658.7, below its important support of 10697. It has the supports at 10640,10605 and 10589 and resistance at 10697,10714 and 10731. With the cluster of supports and resistanceContinue reading “Contact Nifty Futures analysis for 07-05-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 25-04-2018

Nifty Future closed at 10617.9, has a perfect set-up to continue its upward rally with a multilayer support in its vicinity at 10612,10605.25,10601,10579 and 10551. This is the ideal platform for the bulls to push it higher to its resistance level of 10697 and 10717 level which is 61.8% retracement of its fall from 11185.6Continue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 25-04-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 07-02-2018

Nifty Future commenced its corrective pullback rally from the low of 10300 which it made yesterday has a potential target between 10620  to 10818 level which is 38.2% and 61.8% retracement of the fall from 11139.4 to 10300  and the supports at 10494, 10456.It has a crucial resistance at 10605. The day traders can buyContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 07-02-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 31-01-2018

Nifty future closed at 11072.1 just below its support at 11080 which will now act as the resistance.It has a cluster of supports at 11043,10999,10972 and 10933 and resistance at 11080,11154.It appears that 4th wave correction has begun and has a target of 10776. The day traders can sell it below 11080 with a stopContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 31-01-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 22-01-2018

Nifty Future continues to move higher to make a fresh high of 10918.15  before closing at 10901.05.It has crucial support at 10885, 10864.5 and 10791 and an upside target of 11008.A close above 11008 will open up higher targets for 11112 and 11309. The day traders can buy it above 10885 with a stop lossContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 22-01-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 17-01-2018

Nifty future closed the gap which it formed a day before and managed to stay above its supports at 10697 and 10672 to close at 10709.55.The decline which it had yesterday appears to be corrective in the 60-min chart.The trend is still up and I will look for the buying opportunities till it closes aboveContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 17-01-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 10-01-2018

Nifty future continues to move higher with a narrow range movement for its potential target of 10710 and has supports at 10634 and 10613.The 10500 and 10600 strike price put option has seen the highest change in open interest with the addition of 8850 contracts and 14228 contracts respectively.The 10300,10400 and 10500 strike price putContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 10-01-2018”

Nifty Futures analysis for 09-01-2018

Nifty future opened gap up and moved in a very narrow range throughout the day to close at 10631.4.It faces the resistance at 10710 and has supports at 10600 and 10538. The day traders can buy it above 10629 with a stop loss of 10599 for the target of 10710 and sell it below 10599Continue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 09-01-2018”