Nifty Futures analysis for 06-08-2019

Nifty Future is expected to decline further toward its projected support at 10767. It has the upside resistances at 10943 and 10966. The day trader can sell it below 10865 with a stop loss of 10891 for the target price of 10795 and 10764. The level of 10764 will act as major support for thisContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 06-08-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 05-08-2019

Nifty Future, in 60-min Chart, appears to have completed Wave(iv) of wave (iii) of 3rd wave decline and is poised for a downside wave(v) of wave3 for the target range of 10839-10834 region. The positive divergences in RSI indicate that the Wave3 is near its completion and wave4 bounce to occur which will retrace toContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 05-08-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 02-08-2019

Nifty Future may continue to slide further with the downside supports at 10897 and 10839. The Day traders can sell it below 10999 with a stop loss of 11016 for the target of 10897 and 10839. If it manages to cross 11012 then the upside resistance is at 11069 and 11098. The Positional traders holdingContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 02-08-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 01-08-2019

Nifty Future corrective rally from the intraday low of 11031.5 to the high of 11165 appears to be complete. Now expect a sharp decline to form a new low of 10980 and 10948. The positional trader should who may have created a short position near 11139 can lower the stop loss to 11175 for theContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 01-08-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 31-07-2019

Nifty Future accelerates lower with very strong momentum to break its support of 200 days SMA  at 11164 and its critical support at 11139. The VIX rose by 3.82% to 13.5625 but still at a low volatility level. The highest open interest is seen on August 29 11000 PUT indicating that 11000 levels may actContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 31-07-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 30-07-2019

Nifty Future intraday 15-minutes chart suggests the rise from the low of 11175.25 appears to be in a 3-wave corrective pattern with the potential target of 11250-11258 region. Wait for this correction to complete. On reversal and then the break of 11225 will provide a selling opportunity. The Day traders can then sell Nifty FutureContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 30-07-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 29-07-2019

Nifty Future posted its worst loss since October 2018, in its July 2019 series of about five percentage point. Now it has suffered losses for the two consecutive series and has lost 596 points approximately from its close of June series. The India VIX, that tracks the fear perception also fell 13.66% to 12.64 atContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 29-07-2019”

Nifty Futures analysis for 29-06-2018

The Nifty future is in the Wave(c) of the Flat correction and will accelerate downside with a potential target of 10335. This correction on completion will see the next leg of a bullish rally to a new high. The positional traders can sell it on bounce near 10653 with a stop loss of 10710 forContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 29-06-2018”


 ‘Pharma sector weight in Sensex to hit an 8-year low says Motilal Oswal study’ REPORTS the financial newspaper, THE Businessline, Dated 15th June 2018, page 10 Chennai edition The weight of healthcare in the S&P BSE Sensex will be at an eight-year low with the exclusion of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, said Motilal Oswal Securities inContinue reading “LOGICALLY ILLOGICAL – THE SENSEX”

Nifty Futures analysis for 22-06-2018

The Nifty Future has the support at 10704 and 10691. A break of this support will confirm the completion of wave (B) of Wave 2 and beginning of wave (C) decline with a target of 10335 regions. Expect the pace of decline to accelerate on a break of 10691  which is the typical characteristic ofContinue reading “Nifty Futures analysis for 22-06-2018”